A Primary and Elementary Booklist is available from Tracy Flynn, Seattle Public Schools-Schools Are For Everyone (SAFE). Phone: 206-298-7985.

Another Way of Being: Growing Up Lesbian and Gay and We Take Pride in Presenting A Selection of Recent Gay and Lesbian Titles. From the Seattle Public Library (free). Contact person: George Lawson, Humanities Department. Phone: 206-386-4115.

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network-Boston's Annotated Bibliography. 15 pages. Contact Bernadette Murphy, Phone: 617-327-6579. E-mail:

Picture Books for Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents. Gay and Lesbian Parents International, PO Box 43206, Montclair, NJ 07043.

The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories. Ed. by S. Waida-Ellis (Seattle, Seal Press, 1995) Personal essays and stories about the many complexities of adoption including cross-cultural adoption, open and closed adoption, the birth record debate, and adoption by lesbian couples.

Anna Day and the O-Ring, by E. Wickens (Boston, Alyson Publications, 1994) Includes photos of ordinary people.
A story about a boy living with two moms and a dog named Anna Day.

Asha's Mums, by R. Elwin and M. Paulse (Toronto, Women's Press, 1990) Asha's main concern is going on a field trip that she almost misses because her teacher wants only her biological mom to sign the permission slip. Classmates tease Asha and then the teacher must deal with the different family configurations the children tell about.

The Duke Who Outlawed Jellybeans, by J. Valentine (Boston, Alyson Publications, 1991) Short, engaging stories.
In some, a child has two moms or two dads. Others depict strong, competent girls and/or gentle, caring boys.

Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price, by Warren Blumenfeld (Beacon Press). An insightful book exploring how homophobia not only damages gay people, but heterosexual people as well. Includes an appendix with many workshop ideas.

How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay? by A. Heron and M. Maran (Boston, Alyson Publications, 1991) Michael and Jasmine have gay dads and Noah's mom is lesbian. When Jasmine tells her class that her dad is gay, all three kids find out that many people dislike gay and lesbian people. Their families and their school end up addressing prejudice.

Open Lives, Safe Schools: Addressing Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education Ed. by D. Walling (Bloomington, IN, Phi Delta Kappan Educational Foundation, 1996) A collection of compelling essays about everything from curriculum to openly gay educators . . . as well as the complete ground-breaking story of Lawrence's "coming out" in the comic strip For Better or For Worse.

Oliver Button is a Sissy, by T. de Paola (New York, Harcourt, Brace, Janovich, 1979). Oliver deals with name-calling and written slurs, but fools them all by excelling in his own area of talent.

Who's In a Family? by R. Skutch (Berkeley, CA, Tricycle Press, 1994) Picture book with many different examples of families.

Calendar of Diverse Families. Gay and Lesbian Parents' Coalition International. Phone: 619-296-0199.

A World of Difference: An Activity Guide to Celebrate Diversity and Combat Prejudice for Children Ages 6-12 and The Prejudice Book: Activities for the Classroom. Elementary. Anti-Defamation Leatue, Washington State Chapter. Phone: 206-448-5354.

Anti-Bias Curriculum, by L. Derman-Sparks and the ABC Task Force. Pre-K - Kindergarten. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Phone: 1-800-424-2460.

Awareness and Understanding: Teaching about Prejudice, Tolerance and the Holocaust, an activity book by Mary Lloyd for the Children's Museum, Seattle. 3rd - 6th grade. Phone: 206-441-1768.

Learning the Skills of Peacemaking: An Activity Guide for Elementary-Age Children on Communicating, Cooperating, Resolving Conflict. (Jalmar press, 1987). Phone: 310-784-0016.

Words Can Hurt You: Beginning a Program of Anti-Bias Education, by Barbara Thomson (Addison-Wesley, 1993). Phone 1-800-423-8309.

People Of Every Stripe! make a variety of beautiful persona dolls that can be used by children to tell their ongoing stories about living in different families. Contact them for a catalogue at P.O. 83102, Portland, OR 97283. E-mail:; Website: 

Love Makes a Family, a traveling photo exhibit depicting twenty diverse families with gay and lesbian family members. Different narratives accompany the photos, depending on the age of the audience. For information about bringing the exhibit to your conference or community contact The Family Diversity Project, PO Box 1209, Amherst, MA 01004, 413-256-0502. E-mail:
Films and Videos

Both of My Moms Are Named Judy: Children of Lesbians and Gays Speak Out. A 10-minute video featuring diverse children ages 7-11 who have lesbian and gay parents. The children talk about their experiences and what their teachers could do to help them with their feelings of being isolated. Produced as an in-service training tool for educators and administrators. Available from Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition, Box 43206, Montclair, NJ 07043. Phone: 202-583-8029.

It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in Schools.
A 60-minute award winning documentary is a must-see for all parents and adults who work with young children. It shows real teachers addressing gay stereotypes, two-mom families, etc. in age-appropriate ways in elementary and middle school classrooms. New Day Films, 22D Hollywood Ave., Hohokus, NJ 07423. Phone: 201-652-5690. E-mail: Also available from GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media), 2180 Bryant, #203, San Francisco, CA 94110. 415-641-4616. NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase It's Elementary, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

My Family is Special. From the same filmmakers as Its' Elementary, it tells the stories of children with gay and lesbian parents as well as children who: have a single mother; spend time between two households because their parents are divorced; have step-parents; are being raised by a grandmother or aunt; are adopted; have disabled parents; have parents of two different races; and, last but not least, children who have a mom and a dad who live with them. Women's Educational Media, Phone: 415-641-4616. E-mail:

American Federation of Teachers' National Gay and Lesbian Caucus. Offers networking, resources and legal advice for gay and lesbian teachers. PO Box 19856, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Phone: 513-242-2491.

Child Care Resources. Offers resources (books, curricula, puzzles, personal dolls, pictures, posters, etc.) for parents and child care providers. 2719 East Madison, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98112. Phone: 206-461-3708.

Gay and Lesbian Child Care Task Force. For information regarding this study, contact Child Care Resources. Phone: 206-461-3708.

Gay Christian, Gay Dad, Gay Librarian. Offers a website which contains an assortment of book recommendations on parenting, coming out, relationships; links for librarians (even lists gay librarians), electronic book stores. Website:

Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International. Offers peer support, newsletters, conferences and literature for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents. A good resource for your parent library. PO Box 50360, Washington, DC 20091. Phone: 202-583-8029. E-mail: Website:

Gay Fathers' Association of Seattle. Offers support group, social activities, newsletters and forums for gay and bisexual fathers in Seattle. Phone: 206-324-4359.

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, Washington State Chapter. Offers a great 60-90 minute workshop called "Making Schools Save," for staff meetings (K-12) after which a tub of resources can be borrowed, containing books and videos for continuing self-study by staff. Provides crisis support and advocacy to students, educators and families. 1202 E. Pike, Suite 569, Seattle, WA 98122. Phone: 206-343-8387. E-mail:

Kaleidoscope of Families. A support and social group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents, sponsored by Stonewall Recovery Services. Childcare is provided for meetings for ages 3 and up. Phone: 206-461-4546.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). A nonprofit organization with chapters all across the country helping parents, children and friends learn to appreciate and support gay people. Provides support, education and advocacy. Distributes excellent brochures. Local chapters meet monthly. Share concerns, ask questions, good people. PFLAG Seattle Phone: 206-325-7724. E-mail: Contact National PFLAG for more information. 1726 M Street, NW Suite 400 Washington, DC 20036. Phone: 202-467-8180. E-mail: Website: 

Safe Schools Coalition. A Public-Private Partnership in Support of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth is to help schools - at home and all over the world - become safe places where every family can belong, where every educator can teach, and where every child can learn, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. 2124 Fourth Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Message Phone: 206-451-SAFE (7233). E-mail: Website:

Washington Education Association: Provides support, training and advocacy, especially for its members, but also for students and families experiencing harassment and discrimination at school. PO Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100, Ph: 253-765-7062, E-mail:
Love Makes a Family. A quarterly newsmagazine for and about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents. Love Makes a Family, PO Box 11694, Portland, OR 97211. Phone: 503-228-3892. E-mail:

Teaching Respect: News from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of Washington State. This newsletter is a benefit for members, full of local, state and national news, new resources and thought-provoking essays. Membership: $35 per year ($15 for students). GLSEN-Washington, 1202 E. Pike, Suite 569, Seattle, WA 98122. Phone: 206-343-8387. E-mail:

Teaching Tolerance. This free, semi-annual magazine contains concrete ideas to help teachers foster equity, respect and understanding. It is not focused on sexual orientation, but its lesson plan ideas address concepts such as prejudice and name-calling. Southern Poverty Law Center, 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104. Phone: 334-264-0286.
Postcards and Posters
Kaleidoscope Poster: Celebrating Gay and Lesbian Families. Michael Butler, Stonewall Recovery Services, 430 Broadway Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102. Phone: 206-461-4546.

Pride postcards, written in large, colorful, bold lettering. Syracuse Cultural Workers, Box 6367, Syracuse, NY 13217. Phone: 315-474-1132.

Rainbow Posters that say "All Families Welcome." Joe Breakey, 5749 Twin Maple Lane, Seattle, WA 98105. 206-525-3100.

Unite Against Homophobia Poster. Asian Pacific Aids Council, 316 Maynard South, Seattle WA. 98104 Phone: 206-467-0884.

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