The Lesbian and Gay Child Care
Task Force Report on Quality Child Care

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Cover Page
Author, Research Team, Funding and Acknowledgments

I ~ The Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force Needs Assessment
Introduction and Purpose
Hopes and Beliefs
Methodology-Appreciative Inquiry

II ~ Stories
The Power of Stories
Selected Parent and Child Care Provider Stories
Core Themes

III ~ Imagine A World
Imagine A World . . . What Would It Look Like?
Provocative Propositions
Personal Steps
Next Step Initiatives
Conclusion-A Call to Action

Appendices, Resources and Bibliography
Appendix A. Participant Agreement
Appendix B. Confidential Information Form
Appendix C. Interview Questions-Parents
Appendix D. Interview Questions-Providers

For further information regarding Our Families Our Children, the on-going work of the Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force and how you may get involved, please contact us at Child Care Resources—(253) 852-1908 ext. 201 or email:

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