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Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:

Feb and March minutes, including, in red, requests for help:

Minutes 2/15/05
Safe Schools Coalition Meeting
Chairing: Beth Reis; Recording: Lisa Confehr
4-6 P.M.

a)      New org member applications accepted unanimously: Gay Parent Support Group, Kalaheo High School GSA - Welcome!
b)      Renewals since last meeting: Ingersoll Gender Center,  Washington Assn of School Social Workers, Greater Seattle Business Association, Lake Washington Technology Academy - Thank you!

c)      Final report on 2004 organizational members: 44 organizations joined or renewed in '04
(2)     FINANCES
a)      2004 Fiscal Report - Memberships are important if the organization is going to continue beyond 2006. Contact (Piper or Beth if you have questions about membership.

b)      We need a record of your volunteer and in-kind donations in 2004!!!! It is helpful to have in-kind contributions documented: email Beth with what you or your agency has donated: Beth

a)      The "Healthy Youth Act" - HB 1282 (the sex ed bill) made it out of the house health care committee and is waiting for a floor vote.

b)      HB 1515/Anderson-Murray non-discrimination bill was passed by the House; waiting for the Senate

a)      Who are they?
b)      Concerns about their "Perfect Anti-Bullying Law" - it indicates that naming the most prevalent forms harassment takes (racial, anti-gay, etc.) is a bad idea. SSC disagrees.

c)      We decided not to endorse their "Bullying Awareness Week" proclamation April 17-23 as they opposed "No Name-Calling Week" and we would prefer to have conversations with them first. Beth agreed to talk further with Gabi and Frieda about it.

(2)     **YOUR HELP NEEDED: We need a 3rd Co-Secretary, with Matthew unavailable - Please, if you can take minutes 4 times a year, contact Bethor 206-296-4970.

(3)     REVIEWERS - people agreed to read and write reviews for a number of new titles, including "Bullies Can Be Transformed Into Good Citizens". More to follow as people get reviews written; they'll be sent to the SSC News listserve. We have additional titles to review, if you are up for reviewing any books (a few paragraphs re: appropriate audience - if any, in your opinion, and your sense of the book's strengths, weaknesses, politics, uses, and/or a comparison to other titles our members might already be familiar with). Available? Contact Beth or 206-296-4970. )

(4)      ELLIOT BAY BOOK STORE: SSC decided to sponsor two events with the author and illustrator of a new book called "Antonio's Card" - it is the story of a young boy making a mother's day card for his two moms. It is in English and Spanish.

(8)      SHARING -- all
a)      Child Study Center Letter, Nov/Dec 2004 issue
b)      PowerPoint presentation about SSC - simple and you can use it!! If you'd like a simple 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation about SSC, just contact Beth and she'll email it to you. You could use it to:

i)      explain to your supervisor the importance of your involvement with SSC,

(8)      Upcoming meetings
a)      Tuesday, March 15th 4-6 (Lisa chairs, Frieda records)
b)      Tuesday, April 19th 4-6 (Frieda chairs - Frieda; Mona records)
c)      Tuesday, May 17th 4-6 (Beth chairs - Beth; Chana records)


Safe Schools Coalition Meeting
March 15, 2005--Meany Middle School
Chairing: Lisa Confehr
Recording: Frieda Takamura
In Attendance: Lisa Confehr, Hate Free Zone; Ezza, GLSEN Puget Sd (Intern); Chris Johnson, King Cty Sexual Assault/Resource Center; Janet Cady, Univ. of WA/WSPY; Sam Terry, Mercer Middle School; Leah Lee, Happy Medium School; Robert Raketty, GLSEN Puget Sound; Doris Brevoort, Turning Institute; Marsha C. Botzer, Ingersoll Gender Center and The Task Force; Frieda Takamura, WEA

1.  SPEAKERS' BUREAU COORDINATOR UPDATE:  Starting in Sep, we're hoping to have an Americorps intern on a 10 month contract, working in partnership with the GLBT Center, who will handle speakers' bureau management responsibilities. Meantime, Kari reports that interviews for a (possibly April-August, possibly permanent) Speakers Bureau Manager will probably be conducted shortly.

2.  PRIDE FEDERATION WORKPLACE GIVING dollars are coming into SSC ($2,155. in 2004)
3.  MEMBERSHIP BROCHURES are still in the works.
4.  REPORT ON PHONE CALLS FOR SSC MEMBERSHIP:  King County Sexual Assault Resource Center and the University of Puget Sound re-joined for '05

5.  SPEAKERS BUREAU/TRAINING: Beth conducted SSC training for UW Tacoma pre-service teachers (3 hrs with each of two classes); went very well.

6.  INTERVENTION: No intervention requests in the last 4 weeks. We do need an additional 4-6 intervention specialists. You must live in Washington State, work or have worked in schools or social services, and be available to be on-call one evening a week, even though you may only get a few requests for help (with anti-LGBT harassment and violence in K-12 settings) each year. Interested? Contact Heidi: 206-849-5513

7.  WA STATE PARTNERSHIP FOR YOUTH: Janet Cady shared information from the WA State Partnership for Youth, asking for SSC endorsement/sponsorship of their work. Approved by the group.

8.  CONSULT: Lisa and Sam asked for suggestions on addressing LGBT issues with middle schoolers in an after school program.

9.  GLSEN PUGET SOUND REPORT: Robert reported that GLSEN has applied for a PRIDE grant to create a network for GSA's.  GLSEN is planning a function at Renton HS in May to honor GSA leaders, sponsors, allies.

l0. BOOK REVIEW: Chris gave a brief review of Bullys Can Be Transformed into Good Citizens by Steve Bell.  He rated it as a "C." More details to follow.

11. UNIVERSITY OF WA: Marsha reported that Q Center at UW is up and running. Q Center at the University of Washington: -- The Q Center's Vision is "A UW community where justice, equality, compassion, and respect prevail."

  1. SEATTLE LGBT COMMUNITY CENTER: Marsha reported that LGBT Community Center is looking for volunteers to staff the front desk; The Seattle LGBT Community Center:

13.     INGERSOLL GENDER CENTER: Marsha reported trans youth are invited to attend Ingersoll activities. Ingersoll Gender Center: "Ingersoll Center is a safe place to explore gender identity issues.  We are able to offer a full range of services such as referrals to therapists, support and peer counseling, and discussion groups pertaining to issues of daily living, gender expression and transition."

14.     NEXT MONTH: Leah would like to be on the agenda to talk about Happy Medium School at next month's meeting.

12.     Upcoming meetings (all at Meany Middle School in Seattle)
a)      Tuesday, April 19th 4-6 pm (Frieda chairs - Frieda; Mona records)
b)      Tuesday, May 17th 4-6 pm (Beth chairs - Beth; Chana records)
c)      Tuesday, June 21st 4-6 pm (Marsha chairs --">; CAN YOU VOLUNTEER TO RECORD?)



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