Subject: IMPORTANT - Minutes from Oct.16, 2012 Safe School Coalition Meeting
From: Gabi Clayton ~ Safe Schools Coalition <>
Date: 10/21/2012 8:47 PM

Dear Safe Schools Coalition Members and Friends:

Minutes from Safe School Coalition Meeting
Oct.16, 2012
Chairing – Beth Reis; Recording – Penny Palmer, Alec Clayton

Attending in Person:  
Attending via Phone:
Meeting Agenda:
1. Participants were asked to answer 3 questions on graffiti sheets.

     A. What are the things the Safe Schools Coalition should keep?
             Crisis and intervention services 5
             Speakers Bureau 2
             Web site 4
             Tech Assistance 1
             List Serve 3
             Lesson plans 1
             Comprehensive training for educators 1

     B. What Should the Safe Schools Coalition let go?
             List serve 2
             Nothing if possible  

     C. What are the Safe Schools Coalitions greatest strengths?
             Diversity/Reach 3
             Reputation 4
             Member organizations 3
             Wealth of resources 3
             Historical knowledge 3
             Educating straight folks 1

2. Welcome and Introductions

3. Brief History:  
4. Body of Work & member organizations
The Coalition’s current functions and its accomplishments in the first two quarters of 2012 were outlined. And current member organizations, listed. See the document here.

5. Where Do We Stand? Beth Reis:
We are losing nearly one full-time position of donated time – a total of more than $75,000. I will be stepping down at the end of 2012 after almost 25 years of approximately half-time service to the Coalition on behalf of Public Health – Seattle & King County. Similarly, two amazing people who have donated their own personal time are leaving or have left.  Penny Palmer, who has served for many years as a Coalition Co-Secretary and as Chair of Intervention Services will be leaving at the end of 2012. Michelle Munro, one of the earliest Coalition members (1989? 90?), who has been volunteering heavily for the past year or so, is also stepping down.
That said, lots of volunteers and organizations continue to serve the Coalition and it is by no means the first time in 25 years we have weathered a major transition. See who is committed to continuing to serve the Coalition here.

The Leadership Team has been meeting for months and talking with many of you about what happens next. Do we dissolve? Do we continue more or less as is? Do we prioritize and maintain some functions and not others?

6. Safe Schools Coalition’s Needs
We need to ask you for a new or renewed commitment of time or money or both.
Here is a document outlining what the Coalition needs in terms of labor and money. I would ask you to consider how your organization and you as an individual might contribute to keeping the vital services of the Safe Schools Coalition alive.   
Here, in PDF and Word form, is a document with more detail offering specifics asking what you or your agency may be able to commit to.  

7. Comments from Participants: (tried to be complete and paraphrase correctly) I apologize if I missed anyone.)

Kathy – The deadline of Nov.12 is too soon because the LGBT community is focused on R74.
Could austerity budget be temporary to get us to time when permanent decision can be made?
Beth – The final decision does not have to be made on that day. We would like at least 6 co-chairs committed and 6 months of funding (austerity budget) to allow us to stay alive.
Mitch – What efforts have been made already to secure funding and time?
Beth – The leadership team has been meeting with member organizations and supporters explaining the challenges and alerting them to the possible situations. We also requested ideas/solutions/contacts. Re: potential new for-profit businesses as members, only organization members of the SSC will have a say in what SSC does. In the past business have been turned down for membership.
Mitch – What would business members gain?
Beth/Gabi – Name and Logo on Website, perhaps a link to their website. New leadership team and new business member co-chair would have to decide.
[From Beth: Here is an example of the benefits I cited in requests for support on 10/18:
Stacey – Where does revenue come from?
Answer - dues, donations, and very occasional grants. The approx. 8 grants in 25 years range have mostly been small ($1K-20K) and we received one large grant in 2007 from the Raynier Foundation in for $160,000 [correction: $146K] that we spent much of that year and have been spending down since then.
Vicky – Do we have 501(c)3 status?
Beth – No, so we can remain a true coalition. Our fiscal agent is Rosehedge Multifaith Works.
Question – Does that mean as a religious organization we are excluded?
Beth – No, because it goes through Rosehedge Multifaith Works does have 501(c)3 status.
Vicky – Has the Mayor’s office been asked to help?
Mitch – Not yet I’m looking into it as we (the Seattle LGBT Commission) play an advocate role.
Beth – The city (Seattle Office for Civil Rights) are now giving Jacque Larrainzar’s time covering Spanish-speaking intervention requests.
Beth – National organizations are also at the table. HRC, PFLAG, SLPC etc.
Christian – Because greatest need now may be from outside local area, it may be hard to expect locals to take on more. We should expand outside state and city when asking.
Beth – Matthew will be going to the National Safe Schools Roundtable convening next month where he can network.
Mitch – Concerned about the 11/12 deadline also. We need time to get back to our organizations.
Beth – We need time to shut down mechanically if a decision is made to dissolve, but the final decisions are made at our monthly meetings by whomever is there except in an emergency inbetween meetings.
Vicky/Kathy/Mitch – So the timeline could be changed or delay in shutdown?
Beth – yes
Angela – We need to understand some people will not be able to be here to make it work so our timeline must reflect that.
Vicky – So there are no by-laws, books etc. Could we end Dec. 31 if timeline is extended?
Beth –  we do have books. Beth goes over new dues structure and explains needing a database to keep everything easily accessible.
Beth – we do have books. Beth goes over new dues structure and explains needing a database to keep everything easily accessible.
Kathy – I volunteer to work on database. Maybe a CMS (contact management system) would work.
Christian – I must leave but I am OK with whatever is decided.
Ben – I will work to get WEA/NEA to try to identify austerity funds.
Tracy – Suggested we come up with a meeting in Jan. $2500 coming from my organization (Welcoming Schools) and they will pay for 5 hours a month of my time toward SSC
Gabi – Some nationals may support but not enough has been given yet.
Alec – We need money to buy time for the portion of co-chair labor that isn’t provided pro bono, as Public Health has been able to do.
Mitch – Does new dues structure include new dues?
Beth – $101,000 is what is needed to continue as is. Lower numbers reflect austerity budgets, or austerity-plus, or shutting down.
Kathy – If all members renew at current rates, what does that pay towards the $29,000 needed for an austerity situation?
Answer – Total paid to date in renewals is about $1000. If everyone paid it would be approx.
$3500. [NOTE: Subsequent to the mtg, I looked at previous years. In 2010, member org dues (not counting pro bono contributions) came to $7,265. A big contrast with 2012’s $1,045 in the first three qtrs. ($845 + $160 pledged). Our Membership Chair position was essentially vacant as the volunteer who took it has been ill most of the year. -- BR]
Vicky – How much in assets do we expect to have at end of 2012?
Answer – 9/30/12 balance = $18,818
        Jan-Sept 2012 revenue = $8,092 individual donations = $2,306 workplace giving = $3,688 special events = $589
        member org dues = $885 (another $160 already pledged as of 9/30/12)
        purchases = $214
        training honoraria = $410
anticipated 4th Q expenses (some is restricted and must be spent this year) = $14,020 anticipated 4th Q revenue (assuming some back dues are paid due to crisis) = $3,169 anticipated balance 1/31/12 = $7,967

Beth – that gives us about an $8000 cushion.
Kathy – Would that cover us for a quarter?
Beth – yes [This assumes the strategic planning consultant is pro bono. If we needed to pay $5K
for that service, the remaining $3K, on an austerity budget, would last us 6 weeks. – BR]

Ben – WEA supports what ever we can do to survive this year.
Beth – The WEA/NEA grants have really helped in the past. It would be nice to get one now.
Tracy – We need a date in Jan to do strategic planning. I know several strategic planners and would help organize.
Mike – If collaboration can happen I could help with the website.
Gabi – We will get in touch.
Marsha – I will commit as much time as possible but every cent is already committed. After the election I will have more time to solicit funds.
Cathy – Want to support. Is it time to morph into something else? Strategic planning can help decide mission and what needs to be done now. OEO is focused on WA. Can’t contribute funds now but maybe can do some in-kind.
Jennifer – Only speaking for Planned Parenthood Votes WA, not the PP affiliates, but really want SSC to continue. It is really important for the law and policy committee to know what problems exist in the schools and community because most of their group is lawyers and lobbyists. Money is tight but SSC can still use the meeting space and equipment and I will continue to chair Law and Policy committee.
Hatlo – Overwhelmed now but echo strategic planning need. Interested in getting involved. Time or grant writing a possibility.
Will – Will check with NASP as they wanted information about SSC. Also recommend we step up volunteers to raise as much money as possible.
Stacey – Suggest we step up advertising benefits of dues and becoming a member of SSC.
Vision and strategy should be worked on to move forward. Also tap into what is already being done. Conditions are changing. SSC role before was unique. Policy changes might be needed to avoid overlap of organizations.
David – SSC is a very valuable resource for PFLAG. Ann and Ivid want to get the board involved and will meet with them Nov.5. Would like to be more involved with SSC.
Mo – Interesting opportunity to look at what SSC has done and what is essential and unique. We need the strategic planning as SSC may need to take on a different look.
Kris – We want to be able to support. We may need to re-look at climate and community. What is SSC role? Pride wants to be involved.
Angela – SSC may be in a better position if under different umbrella base.
Beth – Possibly so. That said, changing fiscal agents a couple of years ago, when Lifelong stepped down, wasn’t easy. Other orgs besides Rosehedge couldn’t afford provide pro bono accounting services [currently about $10K worth per year]. We are very grateful for their contribution.
Mitch - Overall I agree. Perhaps SSC can do a new role as a connector agency – national connector? Good ideas.
Vicky – We do need more time to plan. A ½ day planning retreat is suggested. The services provided by SSC are very valuable.
Seth - Marriage is bringing up other issues. SSC is and important. Let’s have another conversation. It is important to have another group that is not a state agency.
Debbie – Really appreciate SSC. Collaboration, planning, where we are going, and community organizing all are important. The budget crunch is also due to the economy.
Vijou - Very worried about seeing another group shut down.
Alec – Let’s push Nov.12 deadline back, schedule a planning meeting and think about nationalizing SSC.
Kathy – Do we need safe schools? – Yes – What is the best way to do that? Are we committed to work in whatever form that takes?
Gabi – I will continue as webspinner, trainer and intervention specialist. Can’t imagine not having SSC. We will also join as a business - ClaytonWorks.
  1. These were the community’s decisions:
    a.   Delay a final determination about the future of the Coalition until the next SSCmeeting, November 20th and then to base the decision on labor, not funds. If by 11/20 we have secured commitments of at least 6 Co-Chairs and 2 Co-Secretaries, then we will announce at that time that the Coalition is staying afloat. Co-Chairs will provide at least 2 hrs/wk for 2013 and 2014; Co-Secretaries will take minutes at 4 mtgs/yr. Eventually we want to have 8 Co-Chairs & 3 Co-Secretaries supporting Matthew, but 6 Co-Chairs & 2 Co-Secretaries is a minimum before he takes over as Lead Co-Chair.
    i.   As of today, we have 4.5 Co-Chair slots spoken for: Tracy/HRC = 5 hrs/mo; Will = 2 hrs/wk; Kathy = 2 hrs/wk; Christian = 2 hrs/wk, SAMA staff = 2 hrs/wk. We need 1.5-3.5 more people or organizations to offer 2 hrs/wk in-kind.
    ii.   We have 1 Co-Secretary slot spoken for: OSPI = 4 mtgs/yr. We need 1-2 more Co-Secretaries to each offer to record at 4 mtgs/yr. [Since the meeting, another new Co-Secretary has stepped forward. We still need 1. – BR]

    b.   Start 2013, if at least 6 of 8 Co-Chair spots are spoken for, in austerity mode, at least until sufficient funds can be raised to step up to austerity-plus. In other words: maintain the listserv, maintain intervention, maintain law & policy, drop from providing training to serving as a training clearinghouse, drop from maintaining & growing the website to archiving it (posting only meeting minutes and updating only contact info for SSC and its member orgs)

    c.   Prioritize Strategic Planning. If a Strategic Planning consultant can be provided in- kind/pro bono by a business, foundation, or organization, that will be ideal. If not, one must be covered within an austerity framework. Use strategic planning retreat/consultation to focus on a short term plan as well as a longer view.
d.  Stick to suggested dues ranges, rather than discrete numbers.
      i.   Keep organization members’ dues ranges as they were in 2011 and 2012 at least until the Strategic Planning process:

Annual Budget:

Suggested Dues:

< $5,000


$5,000 - $10,000


$10,000 - $50,000




> $150,000


       ii.   Add a new category of membership called “business member” at the ranges proposed at the meeting


Suggested Dues:

< 1 person/FTE


1 person/FTE


2-4 people/FTE


5-9 people/FTE


10-49 people/FTE


50+ employees


      iii.   Add a new category of membership called “personal member” at the levels proposed at the meeting:

low income/student/senior

$20 a year


$40 a year


$60 a year

honor role

$365 a year

Gabi will have the new membership forms online ASAP. It is easiest for the Coalition if people/organizations join or renew online, though mailed checks are also welcomed which is why the forms are attached.

9.   Commitment Sheet below – PLEASE FILL IT OUT FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR AGENCY and return it ASAP.
My agency Can Offer:
Time – on-going 2-year commitments:
□  Chair for FINANCE & Liaison to Fiscal Agent will reconcile the books monthly, issue check requests when invoices arrive, and co-create a budget with Lead Co-Chair. Commitment » 2 hrs/wk (maybe partly covered by Airen Lydick & Camp Ten Trees?)
□  Chair for ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP will merge several organizational member spreadsheets & then maintain one, send paper invoices to all current and former member orgs annually and follow up to ensure they renew, recruit new member orgs & brings forward their applications monthly, and communicate with member org liaisons a few times a year.
Commitment » 8 hrs/mo (more each January, less the rest of the year) (possibly covered by Kathy Sakahara?)
□  Chair for BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP will develop and maintain one a business member spreadsheet, recruit new business members, send paper invoices to all current and former member businesses annually and follow up to ensure they renew, and communicate with
business members a few times a year. Commitment » 8 hrs/mo (more each January, less the rest of the year)
OK Chair for PERSONAL MEMBERSHIP will develop and maintain one a personal member spreadsheet, recruit new personal members, send paper invoices to all current and former member personal annually and follow up to ensure they renew, and communicate with personal members a few times a year. Commitment » 8 hrs/mo (more each January, less the rest of the year) (covered by Christian Zsilavetz)
□  Chair for TRAINING CLEARINGHOURS & OUTREACH will maintain an annotated statewide (at least) list of trainers and of orgs that offer training/panels re: safe schools matters, handle/refer calls that come in via 206-451-SAFE (7233). This individual may also cover or arrange for others to cover requests to table at events, in order to inform youth and school staff of SSC’s Intervention Services & to recruit members and volunteers. Commitment » 2 hrs/wk (possibly covered by Tracy Flynn & Human Rights Campaign Foundation?)
OK Chair for INTERVENTION will manage a team of volunteer Intervention Specialists (e.g., recruit, support, provide training & case consultation for the Intervention Team) and serve as liaison to the hotline staff at KCSARC (King County Sexual Assault Resource Center). The Intervention Specialists, in turn, handle requests that come in via or the KCSARC hotline (1-877-SAFE-SAFE [877-723-3723]). This Chair/Secretary will also arrange for mutual training of our Intervention Team and the staff of the Office of the Education Ombudsman. Commitment » 2 hrs/wk (covered by Will Gibson)
□  Chair to oversee the WEBSITE & LISTSERV will support/supervise a contracted Web & Listserve Manager (e.g., draft/revise Web & Listserv Manager’s contract and provide ongoing oversight & support of the listserv and web site). This Chair/Secretary may also serve as newsletter editor (taking Listserve Specs’ digests and turning them into slick Constant Contact messages). Commitment » 8 hrs/mo (possibly covered by Kathy Sakahara?)
□  Chair for DEVELOPMENT will complete applications annually for city, county and state employee giving programs (perhaps federal and corporate ones, as well); apply, with help from partners on the Leadership Team, for one or two grants per year (Pride, Seattle Foundation, Arcus, Gill); ensure SSC complies with grants and submits reports to funders. Commitment » 8 hrs/mo
□  RECORDING Secretary will take minutes at monthly SSC meetings. Commitment » 12 mtgs/yr (OSPI will contribute a recording secretary 4 mtgs/yr; still needed, 8 mtgs/yr)

□ In 2013, we can pay $              membership dues.
□ In 2013, we can donate an additional $              to share any of these other costs, above.
OR … We can contribute:
□  $500: The cost to print a new FLYER or brochure
$2,800-18,700 (we can contribute $           ): The cost of the WEBSITE for a year (less if we just archive and maintain only minutes, member list, & SSC contact information; more if we continue to grow the site as we have been), if not enough funds are donated to maintain & grow it. Includes:
     o Contracted Website Manager
     o Website hosting & some software
$5,000-10,000 (we can contribute $           ): The cost of a STRATEGIC PLANNING
consultant, if none is committed in-kind by organizational members or an individual volunteer
$5,000-10,000 (we can contribute $           ):  The cost of a DATABASE developer, if none is committed in-kind by organizational members or an individual volunteer
□  $5,500: The cost to maintain the LISTSERV for a year. Includes:
     o Contracted Listserv Manager to recruit & support a team of volunteer Listserv Specialists
     o Contract Management by a Lead Co-Chair
$17,700-28,300 (we can contribute $           ):  The cost of a part-time LEAD CO-CHAIR contract, depending upon how many hours are committed in-kind by organizational members or individual volunteers to staff a Leadership Team

Time – on-going 1-year commitments:
□  Listserv Specialist for JOB/INTERNSHIP DIGESTS will identify job and internship openings in 4-6 states and/or countries relevant to SSC’s listserv subscribers, describe them briefly, provide links and/or contact information to create 1 digest for the listserv approximately 1X/mo. One year commitment » 2-4 hrs/mo
□  Listserv Specialist for RESOURCE DIGESTS will identify resources for teachers and student/community activists relevant to SSC’s listserv subscribers (e.g., books, studies, films, curricula, posters, grants, training handouts, contests, strategies for GSA’s) to create 1 digest for the listserv at least 2x/mo. One year commitment » 4-8 hrs/mo

Time – one-time commitments:
□  STRATEGIC PLANNING Consultant will lead a strategic planning process in collaboration with the Leadership Team.
□  Developer of a New FLYER or Brochure will create a new written material aimed at students, explaining how to get help from the Coalition if they are (or someone is) being harassed at school because they’re LGBTQ or because someone thinks they are. The Developer will interview the Intervention Chair, a few Intervention Specialists, and a few intervention clients to determine the
brochure’s contents and wording. They will identify a pro bono designer and work with them on color, font, art, etc., possibly convening a youth focus group to pretest ideas. They will seek bids from 2 or more printers. They will arrange for printing.
□  Developer of a New DATABASE will design a single, searchable database data base, linked to SSC’s web site, so that when people & organizations join, donate, purchase materials, subscribe to the listserv, or volunteer their contact information will be entered automatically. The database will be accessible by leadership team members in numerous locations.

This commitment is from:
Organization/Business (if any):                                                   
Contact Person or Individual:                                                          Email:                                                      Phone(s):                                                     
Thank you!! Please email this form to or fax it to attn. Beth Reis: 206-205-6236 or mail it to Beth Reis, Public Health, 401 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.



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