Subject: strictly fyi: RIGHT WING WATCH
From: Ryan Schwartz <>
Date: 7/8/2011 2:13 PM

Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:


(1) Fox News and NOM start controversy about Oakland gender lessons, get caught lying
(2) Family Research Council releases new DVD that puts children at heart of marriage battle
(3) Conservative Canadian parents protest district's anti-bullying stance


Fox News and NOM start controversy about Oakland gender lessons, get caught lying
Fox News started a controversy at the end of May when they created a controversy over gender diversity lessons being taught at an elementary school in Oakland, CA. The videos were meant to startle parents with exaggerations and were reposted by many radical anti-gay groups. You can view the original Fox News stories here: When they were reposted by the National Organization for Marriage, the facts got even more distorted, and Pam's House Blend called out a number of outright lies. For example, NOM said parents were not notified, even though a spokesperson from the district said that parents were notified and three families opted their children out even though most were supportive of the lessons. Check out how much right-wing groups lie to manufacture controversies and exploit their audiences: 

Family Research Council releases new DVD that puts children at heart of marriage battle
With a cover image reminiscent of Children of the Corn, Family Research Council's new DVD is titled The Problem With Same Sex Marriage: How It Will Affect You and Your Children. For only $14.95 and 30 minutes of time you can watch radical conservative spokespeople using scare tactics to make you believe that a national gay agenda is centered on your kids. The video also highlights how you can become a new anti-gay activist in your own community. Check out a preview at:


Conservative Canadian parents protest district's anti-bullying stance
A small group of parents in Burnaby, British Columbia are outraged that their school board voted to enhance their efforts to address anti-LGBT harassment, and are threatening to pull their children from classes. It seems that the reaction is overblown, as the parents are arguing over curriculum when the change was for a comprehensive bullying policy. Regardless, it shows how easily a couple of smart talking points can confuse conservative parents and spark a controversy. Read more at:


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