Subject: apologies for dead links & strictly fyi: researcher seeks subjects, Native American suicide & bullying resources
From: Reis, Beth <>
Date: 3/7/2012 1:14 PM

Dear Safe Schools Coalition Members and Friends:


(1) RESENDING dead links from Harvard and Born this Way Foundation

(2) Researcher seeks HS students age 16+ for online survey “about [their] high school experiences, development, and everyday lives”*

(3) free suicide prevention & anti-bullying materials from THRIVE Project at Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board


* NOTE: We only ever send this sort of request from researchers who have IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval from a college or university. This researcher does.




(1) RESENDING dead links from Harvard and Born this Way Foundation


Bullying Prevention 101 for Schools: Dos and Don’ts
by Susan Swearer, Mia Doces, Lisa Jones, and Anne Collier

This document provides a list of dos and don’ts for schools in developing anti-bullying practices and policies. The purpose of this document is to provide concrete ways in which schools 1) can assess if they’re doing the right things; 2) have tactical recommendations aimed at improving their school culture, curricula, and school policies. Findings are grounded in research findings on actions and activities that have been shown to help schools improve anti-bullying efforts.

Implementing Bullying Prevention Programs in Schools: A How-To Guide
by Lisa Jones, Mia Doces, Susan Swearer, and Anne Collier

This document represents a “how to” guide for schools trying to determine how to implement effective bullying prevention and intervention programming. It offers ideas on how to think about the process and how to identify and evaluate the right program for their community.

Changing the Culture: Ideas for Student Action
by Anne Collier, Susan Swearer, Mia Doces, and Lisa Jones

The purpose of this document is to provide positive action items that students can take to make their schools and communities healthier places and to challenge meanness and cruelty. It is presented as a list of ideas. While none of these initiatives have been evaluated, they are grounded in a research-driven understanding of interventions, practices, and actions that can be helpful in improving school culture.




(2) Researcher seeks HS students age 16+ for online survey “about [their] high school experiences, development, and everyday lives”


My name is Nicholas Heck and I am a graduate student at The University of Montana. I am asking for your help in recruiting high school students, age 16 or older, to complete an anonymous, online survey.


If you are 16 or older and in high school, please help me with an important psychology research study!!!! Your input could improve the lives of LGBTQQ youth and you can win gift cards for taking an online survey!!!!


If you are not 16 or older and in high school, you can help by reposting the study information on your Facebook wall.




(3) free suicide prevention & anti-bullying materials from THRIVE Project at Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board


THRIVE (Tribal Health: Reaching out InVolves Everyone) is pleased to announce the availability of free suicide prevention & anti-bullying materials from our THRIVE media campaign. Community is the Healer that Breaks the Silence (suicide prevention) materials are available now. Stand Up, Stand Strong. (bullying prevention) materials are available now.


Please feel free to download, print, or pass along any of these materials:


Suicide Prevention Materials:


Bullying Prevention Materials: 

Logos—For placement on shirts, print materials, and other promotional items:


For free copies of our posters, tip cards, t-shirts, brochures, fact sheets, and lanyards, please send a request to ( by February 28th:

·         Name:

·         Tribe or Organization:

·         Mailing address: (street address and P.O. Box if you have both)

·         Phone number:

·         And the number of community members you anticipate reaching with these materials: (we will try to accommodate large communities but cannot promise a large shipment. The number of materials sent will be based on the number of requests we receive.)


We will mail out materials in February & March 2012. Don’t forget to save some of your materials for National Bullying Prevention Month in October! Thanks!!


Colbie M. Caughlan, MPH

Suicide Prevention Coordinator - THRIVE

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

2121 SW Broadway, Suite 300

Portland, Oregon 97201

Ph. 503-416-3284

Fax 503-228-8182





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