Subject: IMPORTANT: Meeting today 3-5pm Pacific time - AND Safe Schools Coalition 12/18/2012 Meeting Minutes
From: Gabi Clayton ~ Safe Schools Coalition <>
Date: 1/15/2013 12:31 PM

Dear Safe Schools Coalition Members and Friends:

1.) Safe Schools Coalition meeting TODAY 12/18/2012 3-5pm Pacific time

INVITATION: Please join us for the Safe Schools Coalition meeting today, January 15, 2013 from 3-5:00 Pacific Time. See this page for information on joining us for this meeting:

2.)  Minutes from the December 18, 2012 Safe Schools Coalition meeting are below -- and on our website in pdf format here.

Safe Schools Coalition Meeting

Minutes 12/18/2012 3-5 p.m. PDT

Facilitating: Matt Wilson; Recording: Penny Palmer


(1)   Attending: Matt Wilson SSC Chair, Oasis Youth Center  Beth Reis, SSC Co-Chair, Public Health Seattle and King County; Penny Palmer, SSC Intervention Coordinator, SSC Co-Sec Gabi Clayton, SSC Webspinner, PFLAG Olympia, Families Against Hate; Alec Clayton, PFLAG Olympia, Families Against Hate, Kathy Sakahara, League of Women Voters Wa. SSC  Eric Bennett, GLsen, SSC co-secretary,  Jennifer Gess, Power, Out Wonderful; Tracy Flynn, Welcoming Schools, SSC:, Emilia Udd, YWCA; Pat Vivian, facilitator; Doris Brevort, SSC Intervention Specialist, Seattle Schools; Martin Wagner, teacher shoreline; Christian Zsilavetz Personal membership chair SSC

(2)   Kudos to Matt, Angela and the new leadership team for putting in countless hours setting up the changes being made to the Safe Schools Coalition

(3)   Membership forms – Matt

(4)   New Leadership Team – Matt

(5)   GLSEN Summit -  There was a question of our participation. We will provide no trainings after December . People who are willing to do training without pay should let Katrina know ASAP.

(6)   LAW & POLICY WORK GROUP REPORT  - Rep. Orwall’s draft legislation on youth suicide prevention would require school nurses and school counselors to complete at least 3 hours of training in suicide assessment, screening, and referral as a condition of certification by the Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).
This requirement would apply as of July 1, 2015 to Continuing certificates for school nurses and Continuing or professional certificates for school counselors when they are first issued or each time they are renewed.

      Safe Schools Coalition was asked for an endorsement of the legislation and we

      voted unanimously to endorse.


(7)   There will be some email changes as Gabi sorts out those created and the ones that will not be used.

The website will be updated with information about new leadership etc. In the next month or more.


a)     We had 4 calls come in from the KCSARC line in Nov/Dec.

b)    We met with the administration in a local district to support a parent whose son was involved in a sexual harassment case. When he was not in the room his notebook was stolen and defaced with graphic, sexual content including homophobic comments directed at the boy. The district investigated and found witnesses who said the boy was also involved by showing and laughing about the notebook. They also found witnesses who claimed he was not involved. The parents decided to not pursue the issue, as it was very difficult to prove their son did react appropriately when he found the notebook. All three boys were suspended for two days.

c)     The case from last month that we worked with Pflag in Eastern WA. was resolved.  Our Spokane intervention specialist, Carol Erhart, met with the principal, superintendent, parents and son who had been accused of harassing other children verbally.  In the meeting he did admit doing it even though he had denied it up until that time. Carol was able to counsel him on how harmful it was and hopefully stop a child from continuing bulling/harassing behavior in the future.

9)     MEMBERSHIP REPORT –  Kathy Sakahara


The following organizations have requested membership in SSC and have paid dues as indicated:


Utah Safe Schools Coalition: $50

OUTreach Resource Center (UT): $100

We agreed  by consensus to approve their membership request.


The following organizations have paid dues for 2012:


·         Idaho Safe Schools Coalition

·         Lake Washington Education Association

·         Oregon Safe Schools and Community Coalition

·         OSPI (The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State)

·         PFLAG National – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

·         PFLAG Olympia

·         Pizza Klatch (3 paid in late 2011 for 2012)

·         Seattle Counseling Service

·         Teen Talking Circles

·         University of Puget Sound - Multicultural Student Services


The following organizations have paid in-kind for 2012:


·         Camp Ten Trees

·         Families United Against Hate

·         GLSEN - Washington State

·         Human Rights Campaign

·         King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

·         League of Women Voters of Washington

·         Pierce County AIDS Foundation

·         Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest

·         Planned Parenthood Votes

·         Public Health - Seattle & King County

·         Rosehedge

·         SAMA

·         Scenariosusa

·         Seattle Office for Civil Rights

·         Seattle Public Schools

·         Turning Institute

·         Washington Education Association

·         Youth Suicide Prevention Program


Human Rights Campaign has paid dues for 2013


All those who paid dues in 2011 or 2012 will be invoice in January 2013

Past members will be contacted with a request that they join in 2013



There was a discussion of when to take remove names from the letterhead. We decided to wait until members had been invoiced to renew their memberships. Kathy is working on new database.



Speakers Bureau & Training Team





Audience Total:


Orca K-8

Katrina Pestano

Theo Garcia



Cascade Middle School

Katrina Pestano

Cody Blomberg



Welcoming Schools Training

Tracy Flynn



Cascade Parent Partnership Program

Leah Kyaio



Safe Schools Prof. Development

Anthony Petrarca

Norma Timbang



Washington Middle School

Katrina Pestano

Cody Blomberg




Professional Development Training (Rescheduled from December 15, 2012)      

Good afternoon,

The Safe School Coalition trainings have been rescheduled for Saturday, February 9, 2013. It will be held at Beacon Hill Public Library (2821 Beacon Avenue South). More details below.

RSVP to Clock hours available. Space is limited.
Please forward to your contacts.

Thank you.


LGBTQ Bullying and Harassment: Prevention and Intervention
February 9, 2013

Explore case studies of anti-LGBTQ bullying, harassment and intimidation and practice strategies for recognizing it. Share skills of intervention and develop prevention strategies. Know school-related law and policy regarding LGBTQ issues.


       Intersections: LGBTQ Youth of Color and Immigrant Youth
       February 9, 2013


       Examine approaches for supporting LGBTQ youth of color and/or LGBTQ immigrant youth. Critically

       examine homophobia and/or transphobia in popular culture and learn strategies of using popular

       culture to discuss these issues.                             


We are checking the status of people signed up for the listserv. Gabi: We are working toward transition to using Constant Contact for the lists and hope to have that in place by the end of the year.


12) There was a request from the National Alliance on Mental Illness for financial assistance. Due to our current financial state we could not help financially but will offer listserv support for advertising.



13) The second part of the meeting was devoted to a guided closing exercise with Pat Vivian Co-founder of the Community Counseling Project. She did a great job. Thank you Pat


We shared our feelings regarding the Safe School Coalitions accomplishments, challenges ahead and thanks/goodbyes to those leaving.




1. Doing amazing things for youth, families, leaders with speakers, resources etc.

2. Including youth as trainers

3. Produced youth and adults as leaders

4. Empowered people, businesses and others

5. Stood up to “reparative” therapy

6. Started Safe Schools Coalition here and spread to National Safe Schools Roundtable

7. Encouraged groups to be more activists

8. Allowed member groups to contribute to direction and goals

9. Access and support for LGBTQ teachers

10. Contributed to more inclusive approach to sex education and family life

11. Letters to push back on poor legislation

12. “Rock the Bus” at Seattle Pride

13. Changed (started) national conversation on anti-gay legislation and bullying

14. Legislators used Safe Schools Coalition documents to help with legislation

15. Visibility to amazing media, books, materials, legislation

16. Vigils –read stories to legislators, youth, etc.

17. Brought singular but different groups together to work for common cause

18. Resources and support for teachers out or not

19. Jerry Painter

20. Recognitions to individuals and groups

21. TA for strongest anti-bullying policy and procedures in country

22. Easing burden on parents – advocates

23. Easing burden on administrators

24. Changed individual school conversations

25. Supplied posters, materials, phone contacts, lesson plans via international website. 110 countries per month

26. Hotline and list serve

27. Safe Schools Coalition reports

28. Intervention team

29. Opened Lambert House

30. Most complete clearinghouse for families, teachers and students

31. Fought for transgender, gender queer acceptance

32. Changing HRC policies on trans gender issues


Challenges and concerns for the future:


1.Mathew will only have 8 hours while Beth had 20hrs.  This will require continued support from all leadership to make sure the demands on Mathew are realistic.

2. Unknown are the benefits the shared responsibility may provide.

3. Make sure we do not take anything for granted, thinking we are done.

4. We are facing our biggest needs – repositioning powerhouses

5. Suicide prevention and Bullying prevention goals need to be held going forward

6. Nationally we need to not lose the goal of all children feeling safe and welcome. 7.Children and families need to see themselves in a positive way.

8. Gender identity and transgender issues are core pieces to keep working on.

9. Keep having the conversations including vocabulary and cultural concerns

10. Set clear priorities for the future and direct resources accordingly.

11. What leadership role does SSC want to play locally and nationally?

12. Continue with concern , care and love

13. Celebrate successes


Thank You and Goodbyes to Beth, Michelle and Penny


1. Certainly the most import loss we are feeling is losing Beth Reis. She has provided the leadership and “glue” that has kept the Safe Schools Coalition helping keep children safe for over 25 years. She was there to get it started and has been there to make the changes needed to continue the work as SSC grew. The loss of her institutional knowledge is irreplaceable. Everyone in the room has warm comments about the many contributions Beth has made both personally and within the SSC. Some of the things mentioned were her endless energy and willingness to help in any area needed. Her tremendous training skills both training new leaders and training others about the goals of the SSC. She always is a positive influence regardless of the difficulty of the situation.  Her knowledge and networking to promote SSC can’t be equaled. We can’t thank you enough for the work you have done. Please always remember the multitudes of people you have helped deal with overwhelming pain, helped educate all you had contact with and provided a strong coalition to carry on your work.

       A big thanks also to the King County Health Dept who has donated a large

       amount of Beth’s time so she could work with the SSC.


2. A Special thanks to Michelle Munro who jumped in to help us with getting our financial house in order, help with membership and do numerous other jobs that needed doing. She worked for two years now but has also volunteered many hours several years ago. We are so lucky to have gotten her help with some difficult jobs. Thanks you so much Michelle.

3 .Thank you to Penny Palmer who has served as the intervention specialist coordinator and as one of the co-secretaries for over 5 years.

4. Thanks to Gabi Clayton who will be continuing to volunteer with Safe Schools even though her contract has been cut to 3 hrs. per week. Gabi, a self-taught web spinner, has developed a website for SSC that is international and has over a thousand pages. People can get help with media, lesson plans, contact information, and ideas on how to handle situations, trainings, just to name a few sources. Thank you Gabi so much for all your hard work and your willingness to continue.



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