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Gender and Sexuality 101
Gender and Sexuality 101 (pdf file) - by Caryn B. Oppenheim with support from Safe Schools Coalition. This is a sixteen page report with chapters on "Fluidity, Categorization, and Vocabulary" - “Coming Out” - "Language and Homophobia" - "Intersections of Identity" - "Testimonies" and "International Perspectives."
"Schools should be a community where students, peers, friends, teachers, and families work together to support the well being and growth of children in a holistic manner. The writing and compilation of this booklet serves several purposes. First, through exposing high school students to ideas that they may not encounter until college, I wish to mitigate homophobia. ... It is my hope that the ideas conveyed in this packet will expand the way people think about gender and sexuality, diminishing the gap between “us” and “them”. Secondly, I encourage a dialogue between students, teachers, and parents about the issues covered in this booklet."