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Make a Donation to Support the Work of Safe Schools Coalition

The money to fund this web site is running out.

It costs us $96/day to maintain and grow it, the way we do.

If you have found it helpful, please help us keep it alive and thriving. It helps educators and youth and families all over the world (113 countries in a typical month) to have this site as a resource.

Please donate what ever you can today.

  • Your donation of $672 keeps the web site alive for a week. If 51 other people do the same, the site will live another year.

  • $96 supports the web site for one day, so that students and other activists and school staff from all over the globe can learn how to make schools safer.

  • The site serves about 6,000 people a week. If every visitor to this site gave just $6, we’d have enough money in one week's time to support the site for a year! Of course a visitor from an impoverished country may not be able. A student may not be able. If you are able, please help us keep this service alive.

Please note: 
Your gift is tax deductible as provided by federal law. Copies of our fiscal sponsors' 990 returns are available for review for the last three years, along with other tax exempt documents.

Click here to make a donation online

Or mail this pdf formatted form with your check made to "Safe Schools Coalition" to:

Safe Schools Coalition c/o Rosehedge
1401 East Jefferson Street, Suite 401; Seattle, WA  98122

Or fax the donation information on this pdf formatted form to RH Home Care, our fiscal agent (aka Rosehedge), at:
Fax: 206-324-2041

Many workplace giving campaigns will allow you to donate through payroll deduction directly to the Safe Schools Coalition.
For more information,
contact us. 

For questions about our IRS 501(c)3 status or accounts payable or receivable: contact us.

Thank you!

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