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Need help with anti-gay harassment or violence at school in Washington State? Information, referral and advocacy for students, families and educators in Washington State who are struggling with anti-gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender bullying, harassment or violence in a public or private elementary, middle or high school. We can help you problem-solve, talk with your school administration or your family, help you make a police report, find you legal help, or provide training for your GSA, your student body or your staff.

Need training for students or staff? 

Need model policies from other local school districts? We keep a library of inclusively worded bullying/harassment and discrimination policies and a list of districts with GLBT-inclusive collective bargaining agreements from all over Washington State. Contact Coalition Lead Chair Matthew Wilson http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contactus/. .

Need posters or our reports ? To order: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/ss_order.htm  

For information about our publications, use our contact form: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contact/?id=7

Make a donation to support the work of the Coalition. 

Click here to make a donation online or get forms to print and mail in.

Checks should be made to "ERW Education Fund"
with "Safe Schools Coalition" in the memo, and sent to:

Safe Schools Coalition

c/o Equal Rights Washington

                    PO Box 2388

Seattle, WA 98111 

Equal Rights Washington Education Fund serves as the fiscal agent for the Safe Schools Coalition and is a 501(c)(3) organization. (U.S. Tax ID #: 32-0146056)
For more information about our fiscal sponsor see: ERW Education Fund. For questions about our IRS 501(c)3 status or accounts payable or receivable: contact us.

Got membership questions?

Got legislation questions? Contact us with the contact form: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contactus/

Got a media request?  Contact Tracy Flynn http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contactus/ 

Want to subscribe to one or more of the Coalition's email listservs?

See this page: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/listserve_about.html

Got  general questions?  For other questions about the Safe Schools Coalition,  phone: 206-451-SAFE (7233); or use the contact form: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contactus/  (We will respond within a week. We apologize for any inconvenience. We don't have a paid staff.)     

Got a correction for or a comment about the Safe Schools Coalition website? Contact the webspinner Gabi Clayton with the contact form: http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/contactus/

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