The Safe Schools Calendar
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Send Events to be Posted on Our Calendar

For any non-profit or government agency, we will list:
  • one-time events for youth (such as prom, skating party, conference)

  • special national / international days (such as Day of Silence, Mix It Up at Lunch Day)

For member organizations we'll also list:      

  • on-going support groups that are partly or exclusively for people under age 18
    and/or for parents, guardians, teachers, and other youth-serving professionals

  • one-time events for adults (parents, guardians, teachers, and other youth-serving

  • fundraising events

Send events to Gabi Clayton, through this web form or use it to contact her with your questions
about the calendar. Please put "calendar" in the message to let her know that is what it is for.

We retain the right to not list events in the calendar if deemed to be inconsistent with the mission
of Safe Schools Coalition. See our mission statement here.

Join the Safe Schools Coalition! See here for information on membership. 

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