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Western Washington Community's Response to Exodus International's Groundswell Conference
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Safe Schools Coalition & Partners' 10/17/05 Media Advisory:  Groups Condemn Conference Preaching that Gay Youth Should Change. Exodus International’s “therapy” for LGBT youth is unproven, unsafe and abusive.  (pdf format)

Safe Schools Coalition & Partners' Press Release: (pdf format)

Safe Schools Coalition's statement: A Warning to the Community: Safe Schools Coalition warns the community about Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out” events and Exodus International’s “Groundswell” events.  (pdf format)

PFLAG's statement:  PFLAG Seattle and Allies Expose Exploitation of Youth to Persecute Peers.  (pdf format)

GLSEN Puget Sound condemns Exodus International's "ex-gay" proselytizing: 10/25/05  (pdf format)

Washington Association of Churches' statement: coming soon 

Religious Coalition for Equality's statement: 
(pdf format)

Questions we wish someone would as of the organizers of Groundswell:  (pdf format)

Voices from the Community: Responses to Exodus International's 10/05 Groundswell Conference  


"Ex-gay" effort aimed at teens - by Janet I. Tu,  Seattle Times staff reporter, 10/14/05 

Ministry's on a misguided mission to scare gay teens straight - by Susan Paynter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist, 10/26/05 


If you are planning a local community response to a conference like Groundswell or Love Won Out, and you would like some technical assistance (what we learned, what to remember, what messages we asked speakers to especially convey, contact info for national experts who might be willing to give press interviews) contact the Safe Schools Coalition here.

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