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The Rainbow Project is a joint project of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table and the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association.  The Rainbow Project presents an annual bibliography of quality books with significant and authentic GLBTQ content, which are recommended for people from birth through eighteen years of age. Go to: http://rainbowlist.wordpress.com/about/

Recommended LGBT-Positive Titles for BC Schools: a list of recommended books and resources by Glen Hansman, Vancouver BC School Board Antihomophobia & Diversity Consultant. Addresses lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender issues that schools are encouraged to have in their collection. All of these are suitable for classroom and library use to address the prescribed learning outcomes in Personal Planning K-7, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health & Career Education K-7 and 8-9, Planning 10 – or any effort to make your school a affirming space for all students, staff, and families.
http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/VancouverBCSchoolBoardRECOMMENDED-LGBTbooks02006.pdf (pdf format)


Finding Our Way: The Teen Girls’ Survival Guide, A. Abner and L. Villarosa, 1995. ISBN: 0060951141 9PBK) This is not a book about sexual orientation or gender identity. It addresses everything a girl needs to know about her body, boys’ bodies, skin, hair, sex, birth control, friendship, date rape, parents. But is the only book of its kind this respectful of racial and sexual diversity. Foreward by Queen Latifah. $13.00 (pbk).

Free Your Mind: The Book For Gay, Lesbian, And Bisexual Youth And Their Allies, E. Bass, 1996. ISBN: 0060951044. Gay and lesbian teenagers relate their experiences regarding the discovery and acceptance of their sexual orientation. Includes suggestions for coping with prejudice, political and religious issues. Families, counselors and friends should read this book, too. NY: HarperCollins. $14.00.

Gay Rights: Current Controversies, T. Roleff, Ed., 1997. ISBN: 1565101531 (pbk); 156510532X (hc). Explores current controversies surrounding issues of gay rights. Greenhaven Press. $18.70 (pbk), $22.96 (hc).

Love Makes A Family - Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and their Families: a museum-quality traveling exhibit with photographs by Gigi Kaeser and interviews by Peggy Gillespie. Love Makes a Family challenges stereotypes about LGBT people and helps dismantle homophobia. The photo-text rental exhibit consists of ready-to-hang framed photographs and text. http://www.familydiv.org/lovemakesafamily.php  There is a companion book which was published in 1999 by the University of Massachusetts Press.  280 pp., 56 duotone illustrations 81/2" x 11" format. $40.00s cloth, ISBN 1-55849-160-0 $27.95t paper, ISBN 1-55849-161; http://www.umass.edu/umpress/fall_98/gillespieF98.html; Family Diversity Projects, PO Box 1246 Amherst, MA 01004; Phone: 413-256-0502; Fax: 413-253-3977; Email: info@familydiv.org

(The) Other Victims: First-Person Stories On Non-Jews Persecuted By The Nazis, I. and A. Friedman, 1995. ISBN: 0395745152. Personal narratives of Christians, Gypsies, deaf people, gay men, and black people who suffered at the hands of the Nazis before and during World War II. Houghton Mifflin Company. $6.95.

Serving In Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, M. Cammermeyer and C. Fisher, 1995. ISBN: 0140231595. An autobiography of the former U.S. Army colonel from Washington State who had a long and distinguished career as a nurse until she revealed that she was a lesbian. NY: Penguin Putnam, Inc. $11.95

The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young People, A. Mastoon, 2001. ISBN: 006447304X (pbk), 0060295562 (hc). Features photos of LGB youths and powerful first-person accounts about the challenges of growing up gay. The youth are racially and economically diverse, class presidents, athletes, artists, and siblings. San Francisco: HarperCollins. $6.95 (pbk). Note: the books are still available but the exhibit and the curriculum are no longer available.

What If Someone I Know Is Gay?: Answers to Questions About Gay and Lesbian People, E. Marcus, 2000. ISBN 0843176113. For readers of any sexual orientation, it addresses friends and family, dating, sex, religion, school, activism, and discrimination. Penguin Books. $4.99 (pbk)

Zack's Story: Growing Up With Same-Sex Parents, K. Greenberg with photographs by C. Halebian, 1996. ISBN: 082252581X. An 11-year-old boy describes family life with his lesbian mother and her partner. $21.27.  


Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence, M.D. Bauer, ed., 1995. ISBN: 0064405877. This is a collection of short stories about homosexuality by authors including Bruce Colville, M.E. Kerr, William Steator and Jane Yolen. NY: Harper Trophy. $5.95.

Annie on My Mind, N. Garden, 1992. ISBN: 0374404143. This is an inspiring tale of love between two teenage girls. High school senior Liza puts aside her feelings for Annie after a disaster at school, but eventually she allows love to triumph over the ignorance of people. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $4.95.

Athletic Shorts, C. Crutcher, 1996. ISBN: 0440213908. This collection of short stories includes a moving story about a gay teen with AIDS. Laureleaf Books. $4.99.

Blue Lawn, W. Taylor, 1999. ISBN: 1555834930. This is an inspiring love story between two teenage boys. It is one of the first young adult gay novels involving a car crash that ends happily. Consortium Books. $9.95.

Bad Boy, D. Wieler, 1997. ISBN: 0888990839. A.J. Brandiosa becomes the bad boy of the Cyclone hockey team, learns that his best friend is gay, and tries to cope with his own sexuality during his senior year in high school. Groundwood Books. $5.95.

Deliver Us From Evie, M.E. Kerr, 1995. ISBN: 0064471284 (pbk); 0785776389 (hc). Sixteen-year-old Parr Burrman and his family face some difficult times when word spreads through their rural Missouri town that his older sister is a lesbian after she leaves the family farm to live with the daughter of the town's baker. NY: Econo-Clad Books. $4.95 (pbk), $12.95 (hc).

Earthshine, T. Nelson, 1994. ISBN: 0531068676. The teenage character in this moving book deals with his dad’s homosexuality and AIDS diagnosis. NY: Econo-Clad Books. $16.95.

From The Notebooks Of Melanin Sun, J. Woodson, 1995. ISBN: 0590458817 (pbk); 0590458809 (hc). Thirteen-year-old Melanin Sun's comfortable, quiet life is disturbed when his mother reveals she has fallen in love with a woman, a woman who stands out even more in the neighborhood because she's white. Newberry Award Winner. Scholastic Trade. $3.99 (pbk), $14.95 (hc).

House You Pass On The Way, J. Woodson, 1999. ISBN: 0440227976 (pbk); 0613148355 (hc). When 14-year-old Staggerlee, the daughter of a racially mixed marriage, spends a summer with her cousin Trout, she begins to question her sexuality. Coretta Scott King Award Winning book. Laureleaf $4.50 (pbk); Econo-Clad $11.70 (hc).

Tommy Stands Alone, G. Velasquez, 1995. ISBN: 155885147X (pbk); 1558851461 (hc). A high school student and a member of a Mexican-American family struggles with his sexual identity and learns that he will not have to stand alone anymore. This is the only young adult fiction book in print about a gay Latino. Arte Publico Press. $9.95 (pbk), $14.95 (hc).

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